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2-Day Brand & Social Media Strategy Workshop

Hey business owners!
Are you ready for new opportunities and new challenges this year?

Cause let’s be real, with every opportunity, come it’s challenges. 

Navigating the journey of a business owner isn't easy. And running your own brand and marketing on top of that can be a lot to handle.

As  2024 begins approaches, consider your goals—how can you achieve them with less stress, more ease, and time for more things you love to do?


This is what we're here for! We're all about connecting with our clients on a deeper level to fully understand their needs for their business. Creating strategies & processes that will best work for them and obtaining the organic results.

What you'll get out of our workshop

Show Up Confidently In Yourself and Your Business

Discover how to present your brand authentically and confidently. Portraying your truest self online, and allowing your business to shine.

Build Connections and Collaborate With Entrepreneurs

Join a community of like-minded individuals. Fostering connections and collaborations that will support your growth beyond this workshop.

Gain Clarity In Your Brand and Social Media Strategy

Guidance to organize and develop a comprehensive strategy. As well as valuable and effective application on tools that will help your content creation process.


Mikayla Villanueva


Guided Meditation and Intentions for the New Year

Shana Robinson

Go from Unseen to Unforgettable the Epic Way

Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 8.38.14 PM.png
Vivian Grace


Capturing your New Branded Headshot

January 15 - 16, 2024
Createful Spaces
359 McDermot Ave.
5pm - 8pm each day
Only $333 + GST
Invest in yourself and your business.
Register today!

Limitted Spots Available.

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